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Blender Series Felipe Gregorio

Tasting Notes: Snickerdoodle Cookie, Mild Spice, Umami, Rye, Subtle Felipe Funk

Intensity: Medium

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The Blender Series Felipe Gregorio centers around meticulously aged Pelo de Oro and Corojo tobaccos from Costa Rica that are augmented with carefully selected ligero leaves from Condega, Nicaragua for additional body and strength.

Philip Wynne of Felipe Gregorio says, “Apart from being a dear friend, Ammar is one of my oldest customers. When he asked me to make something specially blended in my way for Small Batch, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. The size I wanted to make was one that was never carried in the Felipe Gregorio line – a 6 x 50 Toro. The final result is a cigar that encompasses all that I personally hold dear in a blend: a cigar that grows in intensity, changes taste profiles, is creamy on the palate, and has a long finish. A cigar is to the senses what laughter is to the soul.”

From $75.00 IN STOCK

Dunbarton Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka

Tasting Notes: Hot Cocoa, Soft Leather, Cream, Earth, Chicory Root

Intensity: Fullest

From $86.22 IN STOCK

Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary

Tasting Notes: Leather, Pepper, Nuts, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Maple

Intensity: Medium+

From $60.00 OUT OF STOCK

Crowned Heads Le Pâtissier PCA Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Baking Chocolate, Spice, Bread, Stone Fruit, Cream

Intensity: Medium

From $52.50 IN STOCK

Powstanie Wojtek 2021

From $66.90 IN STOCK

Cohiba Spectre 2021

From $119.99 IN STOCK

Crowned Heads Mil Días Magicos EL 2021

Tasting Notes: Wood, Baking Spices, Leather, Creamy Cocoa, Star Anise

Intensity: Medium

From $52.99 IN STOCK

HVC Black Friday 2021

Tasting Notes: Earth, Pepper, Baking Spices, Chocolate Nuances, Molasses

Intensity: Medium-Full

From $47.50 OUT OF STOCK

Wildfire Sampler


Warped La Hacienda First Growth

Tasting Notes: Cream, Milk Chocolate, Nut, Cedar, Pepper, Fruit, Floral, Citrus

Intensity: Medium+

From $46.10 IN STOCK

Blender Series Indiana Ortez

Small Batch Cigar is excited to announce an all-new, exclusive collection called the Blender Series. This series will focus on highlighting unique blenders to showcase their creativity with limited-edition expressions of their talents. Bands and other artwork will be subdued, allowing the cigar to speak for itself.

The Blender Series debuts with a delightfully complex expression by the talented Indiana Ortez. It is comprised solely of Nicaraguan tobaccos and is produced at Agrotabacos in Condega, Nicaragua.

Indiana Ortez says, “This blend is the result of a union of collaborative minds working together to best express Nicaraguan tobaccos in the favored Corona Larga vitola. We, as a family, feel very excited to introduce this limited edition with our Small Batch familia. In this medium-bodied blend, I hope you enjoy the balanced, flavorful retro hale and recognize our commitment to fine construction.”

From $54.95 IN STOCK

Let Freedom Ring (updated)


Villa Casdagli Sampler

Pack of 5
$74.00 IN STOCK

Rojas Street Tacos Robusto

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Cream, Wood, Savory Baking Spices, Coffee, Meatiness

Intensity: Medium+

From $68.00 IN STOCK

Jason-Dumont Noir

Small Batch Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Cedar, Baking Spices, Cocoa, Pepper, Dried Fruit, Floral, Nougat

Intensity: Medium

From $85.00 IN STOCK

LFD Football Edition 2022

Tasting Notes: Cream, Hay, Nuts, Earth, Leather, Espresso, Oak, Mild Pepper

Intensity: Medium

From $85.00 IN STOCK

Patina Maduro Robusto

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Leather, Pepper, Pistachio, Baking Spices

Intensity: Med-Full

From $54.75 IN STOCK

Casdagli Daughters of the Wind Pony Express

Limited Edition Small Batch Cigar Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Rye Toast, Baking Spices, Cream, Finished Leather, Cocoa

Intensity: Medium-Full

From $68.00 IN STOCK

Illusione Epernay D'Aosta 10th Anniversary

Tasting Notes: Cream, Peanut Shells, Cedar, Baking Spices, Mocha, Nougat

Intensity: Med+

From $64.00 OUT OF STOCK

Guardian of the Farm Claude Le Chien 6th Birthday Edition

Limited Edition Small Batch Exclusive!

Tasting Notes: Tangy Earth, Leather, Floral, Spice, Citrus

Intensity: Medium-Full

Read the Press Release

From $39.95 OUT OF STOCK

Foundation Brand Sampler

Pack of 7
$71.20 IN STOCK

Dunbarton Muestra de Saka Nacatamale

Read our Blind Review

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Earth, Mocha, Dark Fruit

Intensity: Full

From $79.00 IN STOCK

Warped Sky Flower 2021

Tasting Notes: Toasted Graham Cracker, Cream, Cocoa, Exotic Spices
From $77.50 IN STOCK

RCIGAR Sampler


Small Batch Surprise $100

Not a Subscription Service

Note: this item is a one-time surprise sampler. The concept is very similar to our Cigar of the Month Clubs, but you will not have recurring billing.

$100.00 IN STOCK

Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102R LE

Tasting Notes: Wood, Cream, Pepper, Bread, Coffee, Exotic Spices, Cumin, Molasses, Nuts

Intensity: Medium

From $64.95 OUT OF STOCK