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Warped El Oso

El Oso was the first cigar released after Warped Cigars was rebranded in 2014.  Each size of El Oso is limited to just 150 cigars per day to emphasize the quality control that Warped an El Titan de Bronze is known for.  El Oso's wrapper is also the same wrapper used to create the infamous Black Honey, a combination of El Oso's wrapper with most of the recipe of La Colmena under the hood.  

"Rolled at the esteemed El Titan de Bronze factory in the historic neighborhood of Little Havana in Miami by true Category 9 cigar rollers from Cuba, each El Oso utilizes true Cuban technique, such as entubado bunching and the classic cuban triple cap. El Oso’s profile is something I wanted to be different, I spent months developing and refining the blend until it was exactly what I wanted" -Kyle Gellis

El Oso Tasting Notes:  Cream, Pepper, Fruit, Chocolate, Leather, Wood, Honey

El Oso Intensity:  Medium

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Warped El Oso Blanco

Using the internals of El Oso with the wrapper of La Colmena we have a reverse Black Honey!

Tasting Notes: Peanuts, Hay, Cream, Buttered Crackers, Citrus, Pepper

Intensity: Medium

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El Oso Mama by Warped Cigars

Tasting Notes: Cream, Pepper, Fruit, Chocolate, Leather, Wood, Honey
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Warped El Oso Cub

Tasting Notes: Cream, Pepper, Fruit, Chocolate, Leather, Wood, Honey

Intensity: Medium

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