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The Sergeant

ACE Prime The Sergeant

The Sergeant by ACE Prime is a tribute to selfless service, honoring the men and women across the globe that put themselves in harms way to make a better future for us all. 

“Luciano and I blended this cigar mindful that this product represents the most noble values of humanity and that’s why the hands and hearts involved into the craft of this cigar, everyone, understood the honor of being part of this project,” said Eradio Pichardo, master blender and co-owner of ACE Prime.

“I was inspired by the life of my dear friend and US Marine Corps Sgt. Brian Acevedo, one of the most altruistic and self-giving persons I know. Brian is the living example of what is to put the lives of others before your own. He has encountered peril many times and stood his ground. This cigar honors every man and woman who bravely committed to unconditional altruism," said Luciano Meirelles, master blender and co-owner of ACE Prime.

The Sergeant Tasting Notes: Pepper, Milk Chocolate, Leather, Warm Baking Spices

The Sergeant Intensity: Medium+

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The Sergeant

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Milk Chocolate, Leather, Warm Baking Spices

Intensity: Medium

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