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Don Lino Africa

Inspired by his travels to Africa, Nestor Miranda created as part of the lengendary Don Lino line. Now, Miami Cigar & Company returns to Africa with a bold blend in partnership with A.J. Fernandez. Box-pressed in 20-count format, the beauty of AFtrica returns with a rich, unforgettable expierence. 

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Don Lino Africa Kifaru

A classic belicoso, Kifaru delivers flavor delicately, but with a smoldering intensity. The shape draws you in on a trip back in time, when civility reigned supreme and gentility was in high demand. Elegant yet intense. Deliberate while getting to the point.
From $55.00 IN STOCK

Don Lino Africa Tembo

Stately in appearance, the gran toro Tembo seeks to balance strength, body, and aroma. It takes its time to go from beginning to end, allowing you to savor every second of its knowledge ad experience.
From $60.00 IN STOCK

Don Lino Africa Punda Milia

This classic toro is steady, strong, and perfect in its presentation. Consistent and steady as it builds, Punda Milia allows you to experience the full bouquet of Don Lino Africa from beginning to end. When you hold Punda Milia in the hand, it just feels instinctive.
From $55.00 IN STOCK

Don Lino Africa Duma

The robusto is a showcase in balance. Intended as a good steward of time, from the first few moments, Duma efficiently takes you through the blend's nuances and crescendos. Duma is fully aware of its identity, and will do the same for you.
From $50.00 IN STOCK

Don Lino Africa Kudu

Designed for those who love to get straight to the point. Kudu is a powerhouse petite corona that leaves no doubt about its purpose. Elegant in presentation, Kudu takes you to the yesteryear of classic petite coronas with a modern edge that is unmistakeable.
From $30.00 IN STOCK