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We now ship everything USPS Priority flat rate FOR FREE, U.S ONLY! We listened to you guys and decided to no longer have a minimum order for free shipping. Packaging is critical and we spend the time to ship things promptly and in pristine condition, usually same day as long as the order is before 4:00PM PST. A Boveda Humidpak is standard with every order so your cigars are ready to smoke the day they arrive.

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Gurka Blow Out 60% Off! - Friday 24 March, 2017
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PDR 50% OFF! - Thursday 16 March, 2017
Use the code PDR for 50% off the PDR Category!
CASA MAGNA SPECIAL - Saturday 11 March, 2017
We are running 55% off the Casa Magna category.

Pedro Martin 55% Off Special! - Saturday 04 March, 2017
Although this brand has changed over time and many might not know much about it. We have a limited amount of boxes for sale at 55% off from the original release before the company was sold!

CODE: MARTIN = 55% off Pedro Martin Category!
EH/OSOK 40% OFF SPECIAL! - Friday 17 February, 2017
Use the code EH to get 40% off the EH/OSOK category.